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below average

Worse than average or the value under the avarage level.
Teachers and parents should pay more attention to below average children.

bitterly cold

It means an extremely and unpleasant cold.
Winters in Washington tend to be bitterly cold.
It was bitterly cold outside last night.

arms dealer

A person or an organization that sells military weapons.
He wishes to become a leading international arms dealer.
The suspected arms dealers were arrested in Florida.

awful lot

A very large amount, exceedingly great. It is often used as "an awful lot of", similar to "a lot of" but it expresses "a huge amount" or "exceeding amount".

His wife has spent an awful lot of money on clothes these days.
He is a famous lawyer. He gets an awful lot of clients.

all along

All the time or from the very beginning.
I think she's been cheating us all along.
He realized it was in his pocket all along.
He knew all along that it wasn't her real name.

Active ingredient

The chemically active part of a drug, medicine or pesticide that makes it work.
Do you know what the active ingredient in aspirin is?


It is an adjective that means "completely, absolutely".
He looked utterly ridiculous when he dressed like a teenager.
It is utterly impossible to dig since the ground is frozen hard.
That clock is utterly wrong - it's 10.30, not 4.30.
She has been utterly alone since her husband died.
She is utterly convinced of her husband's innocence.
He was utterly devastated when the doctor told him the news.
She is utterly miserable living on her own.
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