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In American English, principal is the head of a school. In the UK, also head of a college or university is called a "principal" while it is called a "chancellor" in the US.
(A chancellor is the honorary head of a university in the UK)

Bachelor's degree

The first degree that you get when you finish a 3-4 (usually 4) year course at a college or university. It may also be referred to as a baccalaureate.

There are two most common types of bachelor's degrees: Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science. Some accredited universities offer specialized degrees, such as the Bachelor of Engineering.

He earned a bachelor's degree in technology and a master's degree of science.

:: Types of different degree levels ::

Degree Level

Average Completion

Associate degree

2 years

Bachelor's degree

4 years

Master's degree

1-2 years

Doctoral degree

2+ years

brand name

A name that is given by a company to its product or service.
These products are sold under different brand names throughout the world.
Coca-Cola is one of the most valuable brand names in the world.

budget deficit

The amount by which actual expenses are greater than planned expenses in a particular period of time.

He is facing a budget deficit and this project is going to be suspended.
The president has been working hard to try to balance out the budget deficit.

ethnic minority

A group of people living in a country or area in which most people have a different culture and different traditions.

The people who live in Chinatown are an ethnic minority in New York City.
Discrimination against ethnic minorities is prohibited by law in most countries.
The populations of ethnic minorities have increased significantly over the period of 5 years.

flash flood

A sudden and severe flood, usually caused by heavy rain.
We must hurry up or we'll get caught in a flash flood. -Oh, too late.
flash flood

Money laundering

In a simple way, they have to find a way to pay taxes to the government for the dirty money, so it can be appear that legally obtained. And this process is called "money laundering".

native speaker

Someone who has spoken a particular language as their first or native language.
Jane knows she'll never speak Spanish like a native speaker.

Racial discrimination

In the UK and Australia, It is examined under "Direct Racial Discrimination" and "Indirect Racial Discrimination". If you are treated directly because of your race, this is called direct race discrimination.

If there is a rule or policy that is the same for everyone but has an unfair effect on people of a particular race, color, ethnic origin or immigrant status, this is called indirect race discrimination.

For example,
It may be indirect racial discrimination, if a company says that employees must not wear hats or other head wear at work, as this is likely to have an unfair effect on people from some racial/ethnic backgrounds.

An example from the United States,
In Griggs v. Duke Power Company, Duke Power required a benchmark IQ aptitude test score and high school diploma for applicants for some of the highest paying jobs in their steam station. The adverse discriminatory impact came about because African-American applicants were disqualified at a much higher rate than their white peers, and the U.S. Supreme Court determined that the purpose of the test was in fact to weed out African-Americans from the hiring process for those jobs. The hiring procedure did not fulfill a genuine business need and had an adverse impact on a protected class; therefore, it was deemed indirect discrimination. -- Case link

:: More Info ::
Australian human rights commission - Racial discrimination
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Sales force

Salesforce is a company headquartered in San Francisco, California. They offers cloud-based CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system that allows sales tracking, collaboration, analytics, monitoring services, creating custom apps, automating business processes, marketing automation, etc.
Sales Cloud Platform

Social life

The part of a person's time spent with social network and social activities.
I have to work seven days a week, so I don't have much of a social life.

take care

1. Be careful; be alert.
Hey, take care when you cross the street!

2. Look after.
He doesn't take care of his children.

3. A conventional term that we used when saying goodbye to someone.
- Take care, Karen!

single parent

A parent who brings up their children alone, without a partner.
If you are a single parent, it'll be hard for you to bring up a child on your own.

try hard

To put a lot of effort into doing something.
He has tried really hard but he can't convince her to come.

Unconditional love

Love without any conditions or requirements.
She says his dogs give him unconditional love, but I think they just love his food.

Urban development

1. An urban area such as a town or a city that has been developed and improved by building.

2. The development of an urban area by building.

A huge amount of urban development has been impacted by the approach of the local government recently.

Emotional intelligence

It is a person's ability to manage his feelings, according to psychologist Dr. Daniel Goleman.

The "emotional intelligence" term was popularized by Dr. Daniel Goleman in his book in 1995. Dr. Goleman examined emotional intelligence in five categories which are self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills. He says, emotional intelligence is the largest single predictor of success in the workplace.

Emotional intelligence is measured by emotional intelligence quotient (EQ) test. Traditional IQ tests seek to evaluate an individual's ability to learn new information, while an EQ test focus on assessing soft skills, such as self-awareness, social awareness, relationship management and empathy.

back up

An accumulation in toilets, sink or traffic because of something blocking the flow.

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