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A nebula is a diffuse cloud of dust and gases in outer space. "Nebula" is a Latin word that is used in the meaning of "cloud" or "fog".

Example usage:
NASA has discovered a new star in the Carina Nebula.

An example view of a nebula:



1. Background is used to describe processes running on a computer that don't need input from the user.
My anti-virus program runs in the background when the processor is idle.

2. The furthest part of an image from the viewer while another object is exist in front of background.
You need to set a smaller aperture value to take a photo with a blurred background.

3. Your experience of working or education, criminal history.
I have a background in software engineering.
He was the prime suspect because of his background.

4. Origin, social heritage.
He comes from a working-class (or wealthy) background.

word of mouth

Recommendations that people verbally make to each other about a product of service.
Word of mouth has made this film a hit.
The novel has become a worldwide best-seller, largely by word of mouth.
Most customers hear about his company by word of mouth.


Someone who owes a debt. Legally, one who may be compelled to pay a claim or demand.
Debtors usually receive a text reminding them that a payment is due.

Address bus

A bus is a set of lines that is used to connect two or more devices and to carry information. The address bus is used to specify the memory location to be used for a particular operation by the CPU.

Computers have two major types of buses: system bus and a number of I/O (input/output) buses. The system bus contains three buses: an address bus, a data bus and the control bus.
Address bus