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A point at which parts of two bones or elements of a skeleton join.


In slang, "yelp" is a verb that stands for writing a review at, based on individual experiences about restaurants, nightlife, local businesses, etc.
Oh, my God! It was the best waffle I have ever had, I am gonna yelp this.


Yelped is the simple past and also the past participle of the verb "to yelp".
The dog yelped like someone stepped on its tail. (simple past)
The dog has yelped in pain. (past participle)


An injunction is a court order requiring a person to do or refrain from doing something.

There are three types of injunctions:

1. Temporary Restraining Orders
2. Preliminary Injunctions
3. Permanent Injunctions

A temporary injunction prohibits an action by a party to a lawsuit until there has been a trial or other court action.

Temporary Restraining Orders and Preliminary Injunctions can be issued by the judge early in a lawsuit to stop the defendant from continuing his or her allegedly harmful actions.

Permanent injunctions are issued as a final judgment in a case, where monetary damages will not suffice. Failure to comply with an injunction may result in being held in contempt of court, which in turn may result in either criminal or civil liability.


In business, "goodwill" refers to the reputation of a business. In selling a business, it represents non-physical assets such as brand recognition, customer loyalty, patents, copyrights, and trademarks.

Goodwill is considered an intangible asset in an acquisition because it is not a physical asset like shares, property, or equipment.
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Eminent domain

A legal term referring to the power of the government to take, through condemnation, private property for a public use upon the payment of fair compensation.

The property owner does not have the right of objection about condemnation, but they can challenge whether it's fair market value.


The taking of private property for public use once payment of a fair compensation to the owner has been made. The property is taken under the power of eminent domain by the federal or local government.


To run an application (program) in computers. The file extension ".exe" in Windows comes from the term "executable".


All the money and property that is left behind at death.
In her will, she left her estate to her two grandsons.


The market value of a real estate property after the amount of existing liens have been subtracted. Thus, a home valued at $100,000 with $30,000 in mortgage liens has a net equity of $70,000 ($100,000 - $30,000).


Sign on the back of a promissory note or check for the purpose of transferring ownership of the note or check to make it payable to someone other than the stated payee or to accept responsibility for paying it.

"In blank" means payment is guaranteed to subsequent holders.
"Without recourse" means payment to subsequent holders is not guaranteed.

Principle of substitution

In appraising, it is a principle which contends that the higher limit of the value of a property is defined by the cost of acquiring an equally desirable substitute property. This principle is the basis for the market comparison or market data approach.


A principal is any person involved in a contract, such as a seller, buyer, principal broker, or an owner who has hired an agent as a property manager.

Brand loyalty

Brand loyalty is the tendency of some customers to keep buying the same brand of goods rather than to try other brands.

Loyal consumers consistently purchase products or services from their preferred brands, regardless of changes with competitors pricing.

Brand loyalty plays a vital role in word of mouth marketing.

Classical music

The music that is developed from a European tradition mainly in the 18th and 19th centuries.

The key characteristic of European classical music that distinguishes it from popular music and folk music is that the repertoire tends to be written down in musical notation, creating a musical part or score. This score typically determines details of rhythm, pitch, and, where two or more musicians (whether singers or instrumentalists) are involved, how the various parts are coordinated. --Wikipedia

Chronic disease

A disease that persists for a long period, and generally cannot be prevented by vaccines or cured by medication. Examples include asthma, cardiac failure, diabetes, cancer, and stroke.

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A list of chronic diseases

good luck

An ironic phrase that people use when they're implying that someone is not likely to succeed.

A: I'm just here to pick up a hot girl.
B: "Well, good luck to you!" (or good luck with that)
(Implying that he can't succeed it.)

Healthy diet

A diet that contains sufficient amounts of necessary nutrients required for body's health, also known as balanced diet.

If you have a healthy diet, you will get all the vitamins you need.
A healthy diet is what we need to live healthily.

gap year

A year between leaving school and starting university that a young person spends working and/or travelling.
He took a gap year to work right after high school.
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