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sense of pride

A feeling of pleasure and satisfaction that you get when you or someone connected with you have done or achieved something good.

She felt a sense of pride after she had finished the assignment.

surge of anger

A powerful rush of an emotion or sudden increase of feeling of anger.
She felt a surge of anger as she watched her ex-husband enter the room with his new girlfriend.

back up

The situation of the vehicles waiting in a long line to continue moving.
It's starting to back up, I may be late for the meeting.
back up

back up

"back up" is the act of making a copy of files, data or hard drive in case the original is lost or damaged.
Please back up the data every night.

:: Note ::
The file backed up is called as a backup. It is written as one word when it is used as a noun or adjective.


1. (Noun) The copy of files or data.
Where did you put the backup?

2. (Noun) Support or help.
A police officer requested backup.

3. (Adjective) Being secondary.
So, what's your backup plan?

:: Note ::
"Backup" is derived from the verb form "back up". (It is written separately)


Backslash is a backward-sloping slash used to separate directories in operating systems. C:\windows\users\...
The "\" character is called a backslash and the "/" character is called a forward slash or just "slash" (most commonly).
It is also used in some programming languages to declare the following character must be treated in a different way. String str="example \[title\]"

In Internet, URLs are separated with a "/" (slash) sign. People sometimes use the "forward slash" term instead of slash to avoid confusion.

You can also print a backslash on the screen without pressing backslash key. Every keyboard character has an ASCII code and it is "92" for backslash character. Press and hold the "Alt" key and then press "9" and "2" respectively. (Alt + 92)

:: Origin ::
First time, "\" sign was used by Bob Bemer in 1961 to represent some Boolean operators in the ALGOL language (an early programming language used for scientific calculations). He used it in ASCII and then it became a standard key in keyboards.


Each programs in Windows, Macintosh or any other operating system are called as "application". The word "application" is used since each program has a specific application for the user for a particular purpose.

Especially Macintosh use the "application" word for its programs and they use ".app" extension, while Windows uses ".exe" (executable file).


1. An official request (usually in written) for employment, admission to a school, etc.. The person who applied for it, called as "applicant".

2. The act of putting something into operation: e.g. the process of applying some medicine to the skin.

3. Computer programs in operating systems are also called as application.


Reduction of jagged edges on diagonal lines in graphics. Anti-aliasing option provides a smooth drawing.

In gaming, turning anti-aliasing ON can provide very noticeable increase in the quality of the graphics but it needs much more GPU calculations. If you don't have a good quality of graphic card, turning it OFF can help to play games in a stable condition.


In computing, an abbreviation for "Accelerated Graphics Port". A video graphics technology providing a high speed connection to the computing system. It was developed primarily to accelerate computing of 3D graphics.

It was widely used in mainboards between the years 2004-2009. The PCI Express slots have been preferred instead of AGP since 2009.


App is an abbreviation for the word "application". An application is a software program that can be used on your computer, phone or any digital device but the word "app" is most commonly used for mobile applications.


A robot in human form. The word is derived from the words "anthrop" (human being) and "-oid" (likeness).

"Droid" is an another term that became popular after the Star Wars movie and is now widely used within science fiction. The word "droid" was just short for "android" in the movie and it has been used in referring to any kind of robot, including the robots in human appearance.


Android is a Linux based mobile operating system initially engineered by Android Inc. to be used in touchscreen mobile devices. Android Inc. was bought by Google in 2005 and the Android Operating System was released to the public in 2007.

The founders of Android Inc. Andy Rubin, Nick Sears, Rich Miner, and Chris White stayed at Google. Andy Rubin was head of the Android team until his leaving in 2014.

The Android logo was created by a Google employee, Irina Blok. She explained that she was inspired by the restroom signs representing “Men” and “Women”.

Augmented reality

Augmented reality is the view of the real world with an integration of computer generated images superimposed to give a virtual reality. Users can interact with the display.

For example, in the AR app produced by IKEA, when you hold your phone's camera up to the empty corner of your room, you can see which sofa fits your room before buying it. You'll have an image of the sofa as if it were there.

In early, augmented reality was used in the game industry by a majority, but now other industries are also getting interested about it.

Snapchat has added 3D Bitmoji to its augmented reality features.

apple picking

Apple picking is the name of a theft or the act which occurs when a thief picks an Apple product from the hands of the owner and steals the device.

If the owner is using device at the time of the theft, the thief has access to all their emails, photos, and contracts. The thief can even change the password.


A deceptive marketing created by using the anonymity of the Internet to promote a false representation of engagement.

highest grossing

The meaning of highest grossing is making the most money from a product, especially in film industry. The phrase "highest grossing" is the synonym of top-grossing.

Avatar is the world's highest grossing movie of all time.


1. Avatar is the name for a graphic image or caricature of a person in place of using their actual photo. It is used online to portray the computer user.

2. In Hinduism, the body of the god was incarnated in.

3. A science fiction movie by James Cameron, released on December 18, 2009. Avatar is the world's highest grossing movie of all time.


1. The meaning of the term "anonymous" is being or having an unknown or unnamed source. For instance, anonymous author, an anonymous letter, an anonymous poem, an anonymous donation, etc.

2. The other meaning of anonymous is lacking of personality, individuality. For instance, an anonymous building (typical), an anonymous face (not interesting).

3. A log on type on FTP (File Transfer Protocol) that lets anyone log on to an FTP server using without username and password, if the server is configured ON for anonymous users.
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