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A Turkish alcoholic drink flavored with aniseed. It is usually mixed with water before drinking. In Turkish slang, it is called lion milk.

Raki is drinked with appetizers called “meze”, and locals say the best meze for Raki is conversation… That is to say you need at least one person to sit at a raki table.

Mum's the word

The expression "mum's the word" is used to say that you have promised not to tell anyone someone's secret.

For example, if you are passing a secret along, you can use this expression:
A: We're having a surprise birthday party for Tyler on Saturday.
B: Awesome.
A: Mum's the word, okay?
B: Got it.

The "mum" in this phrase isn't mother. It's a Middle English word meaning "silent".

Fall for

Fall for someone means to be really attracted to a person.
He was her first boyfriend and she fell for him hard.

Break down

1. A failure to function for something mechanical, electrical, or electronic.
The car broke down, I will be late for the meeting.

2. Being emotionally upset.
The girl broke down when she got the exam results.

3. To divide into parts.
It's affordable if you break it down into monthly payments.


1. The specific directions to find someone or an organization.
What is your business address?

2. To call someone by title or name.
In court, judges are addressed as 'Your Honour'.
How do you address a female teacher? - Miss or Ma'am?

3. A formal speech.
The graduation address was boring.


A CPU (Central Processing Unit) is the part of a computer that controls all the actions the computer does. It is a small device that contains billions of tiny electronic components. There are 2.600.000 transistors in a 8-core Intel Core i7 processor (transistor count of microprocessors).

Most CPUs have a set of built-in "instructions" in them. They define the various actions the CPU can take – things like taking in data from a keyboard, storing data in the computer, sending data to a display, etc.

The basic job of all processors is to execute various combinations of those simple instructions built into them. Modern computers can perform billions of instructions per second. All actions you can make a computer do will be composed of various combinations of these built-in actions.

Principal components of a CPU include the ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit) and the CU (Control Unit):
The arithmetic itself is performed in the ALU in the CPU. An ALU is the part of the CPU that performs mathematical functions and logic operations. It does addition and subtraction and moves things around inside the memory of the computer. It can be made to operate when you type exact instructions into a computer. After the ALU executes a math problem, the resulting number is stored in the ACC. The ACC is simply a storage location for data, not an element of the CPU that performs functions.

The control unit (CU), which extracts instructions from memory and decodes and executes them, calling on the ALU when necessary.


The accumulator is used in a part of the computer called the Central Processing Unit (CPU). The accumulator (ACC) temporarily stores the results of math performed inside the CPU. It is called this because the results of mathematical operations "accumulate" (stack up) there.


"ACC" stands for "accumulator". The accumulator is used in a part of the computer called the Central Processing Unit (CPU). The ACC temporarily stores the results of math performed inside the CPU. It is called this because the results of mathematical operations "accumulate" (stack up) there.

Abstract Data Type

“Abstract” indicates ideas, thoughts and theories as opposed to physical or concrete existence. Abstract data refers to data where we are only concerned with it in terms of its items and operations – not the implementation.

For example, we use int, float, char data types only with the knowledge with values that can take and operations that can be performed on them without any idea of how these types are implemented. So we only care about what a data type is supposed to do, but not about how it does it.

MOS 6502

MOS 6502 is an 8-bit microprocessor introduced in 1975 that became very famous because it could be purchased for about 20% of the usual price of processors of that era. The 6502 was caused rapid decreases in pricing across the entire processor market. 6502 processors were the basic design used in many original video game systems. Atari, Nintendo and Commodore 64 used the 6502 or variations of it.
MOS 6502


The Internet is a connected network of computers around the world that can be used to access the World Wide Web. (The World Wide Web was created at CERN in Switzerland in 1990 by a British scientist named Tim Berners-Lee.)

The Internet provides a variety of information and communication facilities, such as mail services, web pages, social media, online gaming, or downloading files.

The Internet was developed in the United States by DARPA, it was first connected in October, 1969, and was called "arpanet". The term "internet" was adopted in December 1974, as an abbreviation of the term InterNetworking (the model using TCP/IP protocol).


Assembly is a group of people gathered together regularly in one place for a common purpose. Assembly also may refer to the action of gathering people together as a group for a common purpose, for example, a school assembly.


1. (Verb) Advocate means to publicly support a particular idea, cause, or policy.
He has advocated for civil liberties and human rights for more than five years.

2. (Noun) A person who publicly supports or recommends a particular cause or policy.
He was an advocate of human rights.


1. The verb "admit" means to agree that something is true. It is especially used when people confess that they have done something wrong.
He admitted that he stole the watch.

2. It also means to allow someone to enter a place.
Persons under 18 are not admitted to the club.

Administrative agency

An administrative agency is an official governmental body that is empowered with the authority to direct and supervise the implementation of particular legislative acts.

There are two basic types of administrative agencies: Independent Regulatory Agencies and Executive Agencies.

Securities Exchange Commission and Internal Revenue Service are examples of Independent Regulatory Agencies, while the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) are examples of administrative agencies that fall under the supervision of the President.

Executive agencies are executive branches of the federal government includes the Executive Office of the President and the United States federal executive departments.

List of the Independent agencies of the United States government
List of federal agencies in the United States


Abolish is a verb that means to officially end a law, a system, a custom or an institution.
They convinced Parliament to abolish the law that allows criminal prosecution of public officials.

See, also abrogate.


A dictionary is an alphabetically ordered reference book, or an online resource, which provides definitions of words, or translations in another language.
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