Net-Affiliate marketing

Net-Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based strategy marketing. In which business rewards one or more affiliates with the mixture of compensation commission system for each visitor or customer brought by the associates own marketing efforts.


In construction, beam is a vertical or horizontal member of a structure, made of wood, steel, concrete, or other strong material, and, unless decorative only, is a load-bearing part of the structure.

Bona fide

In Latin, it means "in good faith", also means "without fraud". For example, a bona fide (real) manuscript.


In real estate, amortization is payment of a debt or obligation in equal installments over a given period so that by the end of the period the debt is completely paid. It is opposite of a balloon payment.

Balloon payment

Balloon payment is the final installment payment at the end of a balloon loan that is greater than the preceding installment payments and that pays the loan in full.

The word balloon refers to the final payment is greater in comparison to the preceding payments.


An estimate or opinion of value based on analysis of facts. Valuation of property is estimated by an authorized person.