Intangible is something that has value but does not have physical presence. For example, goodwill is an intangible asset.

In business, intangibles may refer to the difference in value between market value and tangible assets. Intangibles are non-physical assets such as brand recognition, customer loyalty, patents, copyrights, and trademarks.

Niche market

1. Niche market is a sub segment of a market on which a particular product or service is aimed. Niche marketing is aimed to sub specific needs. It can be useful for small businesses because of its lower competitive environment.

For example, if clothing is your market, clothing for overweight people can be your niche market and overweight persons are your niche audience.

2. A niche market is also used in the meaning of "a small market segment".
This product has a niche market and it will take some time for me to find customers.


Amazon is the world's largest online retailer which launched in 1995 and is located in Seattle, Washington. Founded by Jeff Bezos, the company is named after the Amazon River.

Jeff Bezos selected the name Amazon because Amazon River was one of the largest rivers in the world, to reflect his plan for the company's size.

It started as a book seller, then has expanded to sell a wide variety of products as well as its own electronic devices, such as Kindle Fire tablet. They also have a cloud computing platform named AWS (Amazon Web Services).

Urban development

1. An urban area such as a town or a city that has been developed and improved by building.

2. The development of an urban area by building.

A huge amount of urban development has been impacted by the approach of the local government recently.


An agent is someone who works secretly for an organization. For instance, an FBI agent.

Natural resources

The natural wealth of a country, consisting of land, oil, coal, rivers, lakes, trees, forests, etc. that has economic value.

A natural resource is anything people can use which comes from nature. People do not make natural resources, by gather them from the Earth.

Natural resources are examined in two subcategory.
1. Renewable ones such as the sun, wind, plants, water, soil, animals, etc.
2. Non-renewable ones such as coal, oil, natural gas, metal minerals, etc.

Australia is a very wealthy country with large amounts of natural resources.


1. (Noun) The copy of files or data.
Where did you put the backup?

2. (Noun) Support or help.
A police officer requested backup.

3. (Adjective) Being secondary.
So, what's your backup plan?

:: Note ::
"Backup" is derived from the verb form "back up". (It is written separately)


Hacking is an unauthorized access into a network system for the purpose of alter system features to achieve a goal, usually with malicious intent (black hat). The attacker referred to as a hacker.

Breaking into a network system to test their security is known as "white hat" hacking, and performing illegal activities are known as "black hat" hacking.


Foreclosure is a legal process whereby property pledged as security for a debt is sold to pay the debt in the event of a default.

:: Strict foreclosure ::
A type of judicial foreclosure, in which the court does not sell the property. Instead, the court gives title to the lender and ends the debt. However, this process also eliminates all redemption rights, deficiency judgments and any surplus compensation to the borrower. This is not commonly used.

:: Tax foreclosure ::
The sale--usually through public auction--of properties that have not paid delinquent property taxes. Most local taxing authorities assure themselves of property tax revenue by selling delinquent property taxes to investors. These investors or the taxing authority can then exercise their rights to foreclose on the property. However, property owners may be able to rescue their homes by exercising their equitable or statutory rights of redemption.

:: Deed in Lieu of foreclosure ::
A real estate deed used to convey title to a property from the current owner to the owner's lender or creditor. This deed is normally used when the current owner is in default or foreclosure proceedings. By voluntarily surrendering the property, both parties avoid the costs and delay of further legal proceedings. The lender receives title without going through the usual court and auction process; in exchange, the loan is terminated. Similar to the power of sale clause, this is a type of non-judicial foreclosure .

:: Judicial foreclosure ::
Also called foreclosure by sale, this type of foreclosure uses the courts to take the title of the collateral property away from the mortgagor. The two most common types of judicial foreclosures are judicial sales and strict foreclosures.

:: Non-Judicial foreclosure ::
A type of foreclosure that does not involve the courts. Unlike judicial foreclosures, this process usually gives the lender the title to the subject property (deed in lieu of foreclosure ) or the power to sell the property (power of sale clause).


In the real estate industry, the term "estate" refers to the ownership interest one has in real property. An estate encompasses the degree, nature and extent of ownership rights.

Estates are typically divided into two groups: freehold estates of indefinite length and leasehold estates for a fixed term.

Social network

A network of friends, colleagues, and other personal relationships.

He is a computer geek and doesn't have much of a social network.
She has a wide social network of supportive friends and colleagues.


A skin colored makeup cream that is applied to the face to cover flaws and, sometimes, to change the natural skin tone. ('fond de teint' in French)


The quality of being fair and impartial; equal treatment; fairness.
Equity of treatment is an obligation here.

Working conditions

The conditions which are connected with your job, such as cleanliness, lighting, equipment, safety, levels of noise, stress, paid overtime, uniforms, access to amenities, etc.

Employers are legally responsible for ensuring working conditions, but workers also have a responsibility to work safely .

The workers asked for better working conditions but their demands were not accepted.

break the news

To tell somebody some important news, usually bad news.
The doctor gently broke the news to Jane about her husband's cancer.
Jonah tried to break the news of Jane mother's death to her gently.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is an Internet-based marketing practice in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought about by the affiliate's marketing efforts.


  • Language Education Today: Between Theory and Practice by Georgeta Rata (P:120)


Any kind of web service that aggregates a specific type of data from multiple locations. An aggregator distributes these data through a single website.

The News aggregators, also known as feed aggregator is the most common type of aggregators. News aggregators collects news from other news sources and serve them in a single location. (e.g. Google News)

target audience

Target audience is a particular group of people at which an advertisement, a product, a website or a television program is aimed.

Or in a simpler way, it is the group of people who are considered most likely to buy your products or services.

Your target audience consists of consumers who have similar characteristics such as gender, age, location, income level, education, etc.

Teenagers are his target audience for his book.

:: Similar Terms ::
target market

Online shopping

Online shopping is the activity of purchasing products or services over the Internet.
An increasing number of consumers are finding online shopping quite convenient to make purchases.


"Facade" refers to the principal face of a building, but it can be used more generally to reference any side of a building facing a street or open space. The word "facade" is derived from the French word "fa├žade", meaning front.

A facade is also something's appearance that is presented to others, especially which gives you a deceptive impressions such as a facade of a happy marriage, or facade of wealth.
They are trying to keep a facade of a happy marriage for their child.