all along

All the time or from the very beginning.
I think she's been cheating us all along.
He realized it was in his pocket all along.
He knew all along that it wasn't her real name.


In some common law nations, recognizance constitutes a monetary assurance given by a person (technically known as surety) in exchange for the grant of bail to a suspect. The implication of entering into recognizance for a suspect on bail is that the surety is likely to pay a specified amount of money regarded as recognizance to the coffers of government, if the suspect runs away (i.e. to jump bail).

Deed of partition

A deed of partition is a legal document in which property, formerly owned jointly by some people usually a family, is shared, dividing it into portions and transferring each portion to individual owners. This is usually done in a situation where a family decides to share family land or house among their family members.


A point at which parts of two bones or elements of a skeleton join.

Healthy diet

A diet that contains sufficient amounts of necessary nutrients required for body's health, also known as balanced diet.

If you have a healthy diet, you will get all the vitamins you need.
A healthy diet is what we need to live healthily.

Sales force

All the employees of a company whose job is to sell products or services.
With so many new products, our company needs to have a strong sales force.


Any person making an application in a case is called an applicant whether the plaintiff (claimant) or the defendant. This is irrespective of whether the application is made orally or in writing.


The term "coram" is normally used to indicate which judge is handling or handled a matter.
For example, “Coram: Adegbite J.” This indicates Justice Adegbite.


Quorum is the minimum number of members required to hold a meeting whether in a company, parliament or society. This means that if the required number is not met, a meeting cannot hold and if held, any decision made is invalid.


An agent is a person appointed by another person (better referred to as principal) to act on his behalf. The principal is responsible for all acts done by the agent within the scope of his instructions. If an agent acts outside his principal's instructions, he will be personally liable.


Redemption represents the rights of a mortgagor to re-claim the mortgaged property. It is for this reason that it is commonly said that “once a mortgage, always a mortgage”.

It is rare for a mortgagor to lose this right to redeem the mortgaged property and if he has to lose it, then it must be through a court order.

Contra proferentem rule

This is a principle under the law of contract which states that whenever a party to a contract inserts a clause into the contract and the meaning of the clause is unclear, the unclear clause would be interpreted against the interest of the party that inserts it.

The purpose of this rule is to protect the interest of the other party against whom the clause is inserted in the first place.

Online shopping

Online shopping is the activity of purchasing products or services over the Internet.
An increasing number of consumers are finding online shopping quite convenient to make purchases.


A sharp shrill bark or cry. (as of a dog)
The dog yelped like someone stepped on its tail.


1. Ostensible is used to express something that seems to be true, or stated to be true, but it might not be.
He wrote three more books after his ostensible retirement.

1a) Or the person who has uttered the word has doubts about its trueness.
Her ostensible reason was to study maths, but her real reason was being close to him.

1b) Apparent; seeming, visible.
He suffered much, and not only from his ostensible enemies.

Youth hostel

A place providing cheap accommodation for short periods to young people when they are travelling.

We shared a room in the youth hostel.

Example view of a youth hostel room:
Youth hostel
(Image source: Walk of Fame Hollywood Hostel)


Tangible is something that has physical presence. For example, a book is a tangible item, can be touched and physically felt.

See intangible.


1. (Noun) A connection point at which parts of more than one items are joined.
2. (Adjective) Shared by two or more people. For example, a joint bank account.