Foreclosure is a situation where a mortgagor loses his mortgaged property to a mortgagee as a result of the failure of the former to keep to the terms of repaying the sum of money involved in the mortgaged agreement.

See, mortgage.


It is an order of court commanding the doing of a particular act.

Board of directors

A group of individuals elected by shareholders to establish corporate policy, appoint important officers and oversee major fiscal events such as the issuance of stock and the declaration of dividends. Every public company must have a board of directors.

bad breath

Breath that smells unpleasant.
The only thing about my new girlfriend is her bad breath.
If you don't want your breath to be so bad, you should clean your teeth more often.

Adaptive learning

Adaptive learning is a method of instruction that educates students through the use of interactive or computerized devices. It is also referred to as an Intelligent Tutoring System.

Adaptive learning can be used for distance learning in remote areas and group collaborations.

By adaptive learning, you can take your own personalized course, made specifically for your strengths, weaknesses and goals. It is adapted and adjusted in real-time to your activity and performance.

Historical data

In forex, historical data describes the collected price information for currencies, based on a time period. JForex platform uses the term "historical test" for testing a strategy (expert advisor) on historical data, while MetaTrader uses "back test".

In JForex, historical data and real-time data is different, when using DEMO platform. And real-time tick data is different on DEMO and LIVE. This is because BID/OFFER orders affect tick price values.

Escrow is the most popular provider of online escrow services. The company was founded in 1999 and acquired in 2015 by CEO Matt Barrie.

:: Escrow Process ::
1. Buyer and Seller agree to terms
2. Buyer pays
3. Seller ships merchandise to Buyer
4. Buyer accepts merchandise
5. pays the Seller

:: Fees ::
While you specify delivery method for your escrow transaction, you will also have the option to specify who pays the escrow fee. For a normal transaction, you can select "Buyer", "Seller", or "50% Buyer and 50% Seller".

:: More Info ::
Fee calculator -

Asynchronous learning

Asynchronous learning is the name of a distance learning method where students learn at different times at different locations. It is also called "Location Independent Learning" and allows you to take online lessons on your own schedule.

There are fundamentally two types of e-learning. Asynchronous learning is the opposite of synchronous learning where all students gather to learn at the same time.

Asynchronous learning is carried out by using emails, threaded conferencing systems, and course management systems.

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With the typical deed, the seller, current owner or provider of any conveyance is normally considered the grantor. Most states require that deed grantors be legally competent and be clearly and accurately identified in the deed.
See: grant, grantee


  • Own It! Real Estate Dictionary (Volume 8) by William E Keeler

Retroactive law

This is a law made to have effect from the past. This form of legislation may be made in civil matters but in relation to criminal law, it is totally prohibited which means no person can be charged for a crime created under a new law when an act constituting the crime under the new law has been done in the past at a time that such act is not a crime at all.


To edit the code of a program, or put code over other code.


Legally, a company is a business organization which has been duly registered in line with the provisions of law. A company is an artificial person in legal contexts.

Doctrine of necessity

It is a principle which permits a government to act in a way, as a result of an emergency situation, that would not have been allowed in a normal circumstance.

Contra proferentem rule

This is a principle under the law of contract which states that whenever a party to a contract inserts a clause into the contract and the meaning of the clause is unclear, the unclear clause would be interpreted against the interest of the party that inserts it.

The purpose of this rule is to protect the interest of the other party against whom the clause is inserted in the first place.


Files are collections of data stored on a computer. The data in a file is organized in a specific manner, usually based on how that data is going to be used by the computer. Files each have their own name and contain their own data.

Files are often organized in folders – also called "Directories." Folders can contain files. Folders can also contain folders – each of which could contain further files and/or folders. The resulting structure of files and folders is called a hierarchy.


The term assent refers to the signature of the President, Governors, or local government Chairmen to bring any law into force after law-makers at each level of government have passed such law.


1. (Noun) The copy of files or data.
Where did you put the backup?

2. (Noun) Support or help.
A police officer requested backup.

3. (Adjective) Being secondary.
So, what's your backup plan?

:: Note ::
"Backup" is derived from the verb form "back up". (It is written separately)

White collar crime

White collar crime refers to a nonviolent crime such as insider trading, tax evasion, or fraud committed by a professional.

The term was first defined by an American sociologist (Edwin Hardin Sutherland) in 1939 as "a crime committed by a person of respectability and high social status in the course of his occupation".