Alternative energy

Power or electricity produced by using energy from moving water, wind, the sun, and gas from animal waste.

It is very important to use alternative energy.
Alternative energy sources include water, wind, the sun, etc.


Legally, a consideration is one of the elements of a valid contract which simply means what a party gives in return for what he gains in such a contract.

For instance, A sells his wristwatch to B for $5, 000. In this instance, both A and B have given consideration. A's consideration is the watch which he gives up while B's consideration is the money which he pays. So consideration connotes gain and loss.

Comfort food

Comfort food is the type of food you enjoy very much and often eat when you are feeling sad or worried, often sweet food or food that you liked as a child.

Single people have a tendency to eat more comfort foods.
Mashed potatoes and gravy is my favorite comfort food.


Literally, "at the side", "additionally", or "auxiliary." Often used to mean collateral security for repayment of a loan, to be forfeited in the event of a default.

Preferred Stock

A preferred stock is a corporate stock entitling its owner to preferential treatment over owners of common stock or lower classes of preferred stock.

For example, preferred stock holders may be paid dividends before common stock holders or receive distributions upon liquidation of the corporation before common stock holders.

Artificial person

An artificial person refers to a non-human entity, such as a company. Companies are generally classified as artificial persons because they have almost every legal right that human beings have.


In construction, beam is a vertical or horizontal member of a structure, made of wood, steel, concrete, or other strong material, and, unless decorative only, is a load-bearing part of the structure.

International law

International law is a body of law governing relations between nations. It is based on a set of rules generally accepted as binding in relations between countries. For example, extradition is treated under international law.

Hearsay evidence

Hearsay evidence is a piece of evidence that does not originate from a witness' personal experience. It is more or less a rendition of an account obtained from a person who is not a witness before the court. In common language, it may be referred to as third or second-hand information. Hearsay evidence is generally not allowed in court.

sense of pride

A feeling of pleasure and satisfaction that you get when you or someone connected with you have done or achieved something good.

She felt a sense of pride after she had finished the assignment.

Non suit

Non suit is a judgment given in a situation where neither a plaintiff nor a defendant is able to establish his case to the satisfaction of the court in order to deserve a favorable judgment. Simply put, none of the parties wins the case. The judgement does not, however, preclude a plaintiff from re-filing the same case.

Trial de novo

It is a situation where a case that is almost completed has to be started afresh. De Novo itself means to start something afresh.

In common law systems, one feature that distinguishes an appellate proceeding from a trial de novo is that new evidence may not ordinarily be presented in an appeal, though there are rare instances when it may be allowed—usually evidence that came to light only after the trial and could not, in all diligence, have been presented in the lower court.

In the United States, some states provide for bench trials only for small claims, traffic offenses, and criminal offenses with a penalty of imprisonment of less than six months, then provide the ability to appeal a loss to the trial court of general jurisdiction for a brand-new trial.



Donatio mortis causa

It is a gift of property made to a person while the owner is in a situation where death is expected or appears imminent.

Act of god

It is an event which occurs exclusively due to natural causes without any form of human influence e.g. earthquake, tornado and so on.

Act of God is capable of rendering a contract impossible to perform and therefore, no party will be held liable.

Case law

Case law is simply a statement or principle of law that is established through a decided case. It is also known as Common Law or Judicial Authority.

For instance, Salomon vs. Salomon & Co. Ltd (1897) is the case law for the principle of corporate personality of a company.

No-go zone

A place that is not appropriate to go (now).
Honey, the toilet is officially a no-go zone right now.


Adder is a component of a computer processor that adds numbers together. The adder takes numerical information passed into it and is able to determine amounts.

There are two types of adders: half adder and full adder. The half adder adds two single binary digits. It has two outputs, sum (S) and carry (C). The carry signal represents an overflow into the next digit of a multi-digit addition. A full adder adds binary numbers and accounts for values carried in as well as out.

Bona vacantia

It encapsulates abandoned individual property which government takes over as no owner or relations of such owner is laying claim to it.

Sales force

All the employees of a company whose job is to sell products or services.
With so many new products, our company needs to have a strong sales force.


An injunction is an order of court which seeks to restrain a party or parties from the doing of an act. It may also compel the doing of an act e.g. an order of mandamus (also known as mandatory injunction).