It is an affidavit which contains facts disputing a set of facts in another affidavit. Once an affidavit has been made and there is need to contest the contents of such affidavit, it requires a counter-affidavit to do it.


Amazon is the world's largest online retailer which launched in 1995 and is located in Seattle, Washington. Founded by Jeff Bezos, the company is named after the Amazon River.

It started as a book seller, then has expanded to sell a wide variety of products as well as its own electronic devices, such as Kindle Fire tablet. They also have a cloud computing platform named AWS (Amazon Web Services).

How did Amazon get its name?

Jeff Bezos selected the name Amazon because Amazon River was one of the largest rivers in the world, to reflect his plan for the company's size.


Piracy may mean a crime of robbing a ship at sea or a crime of copying films, music, computer software and other similar electronic materials for commercial purpose without the authorization of the owner of such works.


A bond is a written instrument as a debt security in which the issuer binds himself in favor of the holder to do a certain act. Bonds are generally negotiable, the ownership of the instrument can be transferred in the secondary market. The most common types of bonds include municipal bonds and corporate bonds.
Bond certificate for the state of South Carolina issued in 1873 under the state's Consolidation Act.


Parties or their lawyers may have to make requests to a court at any stage of their case. These requests are technically called applications. Application may be oral or written.

Most applications of serious implication are to be made in writing e.g. application to amend a court process.


In law, receivership is an order of court placing all property which is a subject of legal action under the control of an independent person known as a receiver in order to prevent the property from being dissipated or moved outside the jurisdiction of court.

This order is usually made to protect the property of a company or business in respect of which there is a dispute.

unrequited love

If the love that you feel for someone is unrequited, it is not shared or returned by him/her.

He hasn't felt very good recently mainly because of his unrequited love for a beautiful married woman.


Recall is a method of removing a public official from a position before the expiration of his tenure. The right to remove a public official resides with the electorate.

Liquidated damages

The term "Liquidated damages" refers to monetary compensation that may be claimed in a suit having to do with contract. An action for monetary compensation is said to be liquidated when the amount being claimed is certain.

For example, if a person who is owed some money files an action in court claiming for the recovery of the debt.


The term "bequest" refers to a gift of a personal (movable) item in a will other than immovable gift such as land or house.


The term "fraud" refers to an intentional false representation including concealment of material fact, which is used to induce another person to act, which act causes a loss of money or legal rights.

Also, a person who pretends to be someone who is not, is called fraud. For instance, someone who is pretending to be a doctor.

Decree absolute

Decree absolute is a final order usually in a divorce case. Once this order is made, the parties are free to re-marry. It is also applicable to garnishee proceedings.

Real estate

Real estate refers to an immovable property including land and the buildings on it. The key difference between a property (personal) and real property is that real property is immovable by law. The term "real" indicates that the property is immovable.

See estate.


Any person making an application in a case is called an applicant whether the plaintiff (claimant) or the defendant. This is irrespective of whether the application is made orally or in writing.


It is the final decision of a court of law.
The defendant is now waiting for the judgement.


In property law, domain means the complete and absolute ownership of land and it is the fullest and most superior right of property in land.

In the United States, federal government buildings and facilities are referred to as the public domain.

See, eminent domain.


A domain name is the address of your website that people type in the browser address bar to visit your website. Simply, if your website was a house, then your domain name will be its address that indicates the real (IP) address of your website. Since an IP address is quite difficult to remember, domain names were invented to solve this problem.