Sales force

Salesforce is a company headquartered in San Francisco, California. They offers cloud-based CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system that allows sales tracking, collaboration, analytics, monitoring services, creating custom apps, automating business processes, marketing automation, etc.
Sales Cloud Platform

gap year

A year between leaving school and starting university that a young person spends working and/or travelling.
He took a gap year to work right after high school.

job satisfaction

A feeling of enjoyment that someone derives from their job.
When I choose a career, job satisfaction is always the most important factor.
Many workers are more interested in job satisfaction than in earning high

Expert testimony

Expert testimony is an oral or written testimony offered by an expert witness whose opinion about evidence or about facts may be considered by the judge.

For example, a pathologist may be invited in a case of murder to give evidence as to the cause of death of the deceased.

See, expert witness.

De jure

The term "de jure" is used to describe a position occupied as of right or in accordance with law. The term means "by right; in full compliance with law" in Latin.

Usage example:
Having won in a free and fair election, he is the de jure Governor.

Charge and bail

The phrase "charge and bail" is commonly used derogatively to describe lawyers whose main pre-occupation is to loiter around courts' premises so as to enjoy the patronage of suspects who do not have their own lawyers.

Whenever these suspects are brought to court by the police, these lawyers solicit to appear for them so as to apply for their bail at some ridiculous amount. This practice of law is unethical and it does not paint the profession in a good light. A practice akin to this in the U.S is called “Ambulance Chasing” and lawyers who do it are referred to as “Ambulance Chasers”.


A payment of money based on income, property value, sales price, etc, for the support of government.


The Aughties refers to the decade between 2000-2009. All the terms, "The Aughties", "the Aughts", "the Noughties", or "the Oughties" stands for the years 2000-2009.

The words "aught" and "ought" refers to "nothing", "zero" as a noun. In British English, "aught" often means “all”, as in "For aught I care, ...", "“for aught I know, ..."

80s: The Eighties
90s: The Nineties
00s: The Noughties, The Aughts, The Aughties, The Oughties

George W. Bush was the president of the United States in the Aughties.

higher education

The education provided by a college or university that is followed after high school.
Her parents encourage her to pursue higher education.
Many women have decided to pursue higher education and careers instead of getting married and giving birth to children.

Alter ego

Alter ego means a person considered to be very close to another person or to an organisation. The term is normally used in a situation where there is need for court to call persons behind a corporate entity like a company to answer for their deeds.

In other words, a company's alter egos are directors, stockholders and other officers.

point of view

A particular perspective or way of judging a situation based on a particular aspect.
From a scientific point of view, the invention is extremely important.
From my point of view, the house is too small.

ulterior motive

Ulterior motive refers to a secret purpose or a hidden reason behind an action.
I supposed that he had an ulterior motive for trying to help us. He'd never helped us before.

Deed of assent

Whenever a will (even including letters of administration) is made and some landed property is being given through such will, a legal document must subsequently be prepared by the executors of the will which would formally transfer the ownership of any landed property in that will to a beneficiary. Deed of Assent is the legal document through which this can be done.

Community service

Community service is work without payment for the benefit of local communities. It may be performed voluntarily, may be required by government instead of military service or may be required by courts instead of other forms of punishment, such as incarceration, fines, or probation.

When performed in return for crime, it may also be referred to as community restitution or community payback.

He was sentenced to 150 hours of community service for his crime.


Amnesty is a form of pardon extended by the government to a person, group or class of people who is undergoing a criminal trial. The pardon puts an end to their trial and sets them free. An Amnesty includes more than pardon, inasmuch as it obliterates all legal remembrance of the offense.

For example, the general amnesty granted by President of the United States, Andrew Johnson, after the American Civil War (1861–April 9, 1865), in 1868.

See, prerogative of mercy.

Constructive criticism

Constructive criticism is a helpful criticism that can involve both positive and negative comments for improvement. Using an objective language is the main instrument of constructive criticism.

Example criticism:
You look like 65 years old in that dress.

Constructive criticism with the same words:
That dress makes you look like 65 years old. (Objective language)

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Helpful tips to give constructive criticism by Nishlan Pillay

Adaptive learning

Adaptive learning is a method of instruction that educates students through the use of interactive or computerized devices. It is also referred to as an Intelligent Tutoring System.

Adaptive learning can be used for distance learning in remote areas and group collaborations.

By adaptive learning, you can take your own personalized course, made specifically for your strengths, weaknesses and goals. It is adapted and adjusted in real-time to your activity and performance.