Sales force

All the employees of a company whose job is to sell products or services.
With so many new products, our company needs to have a strong sales force.


KBB is an acronym for Kelley Blue Book which is a company values used vehicles.
KBB value is given based on the vehicle's condition and similar prices of your car in your location.

Vehicle conditions are divided into four grades. Excellent, Very Good, Good and Fair. Follow the link to get your KBB value for your car.

Ex. I bought the car for $2,000 cheaper than its KBB.


Les Kelley started Kelley Kar Company in Los Angeles with three Model T Fords. In 1926, Kelley published the company’s first Blue Book which became a standard guide in automotive trade in determining car value.

By the 1960s, the company moved from a car dealership to a specialty publisher and focused on the production of its automobile price guide. This was the first publication to use mileage to determine a car's value. was launched in 1995 and within two years became one of the most visited automotive sites. In December 2010, Kelley Blue Book was purchased by (Cox Automotive).


Broker is a person who brings a buyer and a seller together, in exchange for a fee.

No-go zone

A place that is not appropriate to go (now).
Honey, the toilet is officially a no-go zone right now.


Conspiracy is an offence which is committed when two or more persons plan and carry out a criminal act. Here, parties cooperate to do an unlawful act.


ALGOL (short for "Algorithmic Language") is a computer programming language developed jointly by a committee of European and American computer scientists in 1958 that was mainly used to solve math problems and scientific equations.

The name ALGOL was taken from the word “algorithm” (a set of steps to solve a problem or perform an action). Many of the first computer programs that aided scientists in creating military craft and equipment were written in ALGOL.


Irregularity is a minor defect in a party's case which the other party may not be able to oppose again in the suit if he does not do so immediately he becomes aware of the defect.

For example, if a court paper is served on House A instead of House B, but where a party in House B becomes aware of the service and appears in court without complaining while he also reacts by filing his own papers, he cannot subsequently complain about the wrong service. The issue of wrong service will be treated as mere irregularity which cannot nullify a case.


It is a procedure by which papers already filed in court are modified, added to or subtracted from as the case may be.

For example, a plaintiff who initially sues a defendant may later see reason to add some other persons as defendants in which case, an amendment becomes necessary.

Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify, understand and manage your own emotions or the emotions of others.

Emotional intelligence is a wide selection of skills that children should develop.

Autrefois convict

It is a counterpart of “autrefois acquit”. This states that once a person is convicted of a particular crime, the same person cannot be convicted for the same offence again.

Federal court

Federal courts are courts of limited jurisdiction established under Article III of the U.S. Constitution to hear matters involving either federal question jurisdiction or diversity jurisdiction.

The federal courts are composed of three levels of courts. Trial jurisdiction is usually in the district courts, intermediate appellate jurisdiction is in the courts of appeal, and final appellate jurisdiction is in the Supreme Court.

Asking price

It is a price at which a seller offers an article for sale which is usually subject to bargaining. The term is commonly used in connection with sales of landed property.


Pleading is a general term given to such court papers as statement of claim, statement of defense and so on. Each state in the United States has its own statutes and rules that govern pleading in the courts of that state.

Fact in issue

This is closely related to “fact” which has been explained above but fact in issue is narrower in scope than fact itself.

For example, in a divorce petition filed by Mr. A against Mrs. A, if the latter is also ready and willing that their marriage be dissolved by the court but she is only contesting the property acquired during their marriage with Mr. A, then the contention over the property is deemed as the fact in issue or, to be put differently, as the fact in dispute between Mr. A and Mrs. A. The court may forthwith give judgment dissolving their marriage, while it goes into trial to take evidence on the issue of property, whether to decide that the property be shared by both parties or that it belongs solely to one of them.


Perjury is the offence of making a false statement in an affidavit or any false statement made on oath whether in writing or verbally. ,

In the United States, for example, the general perjury statute under federal law classifies perjury as a felony and provides for a prison sentence of up to five years.


The arraignment is the stage at which a suspect is taken before a court so as to read out an allegation to him and to give him opportunity to respond by saying whether he is guilty or not guilty. It must first take place in a criminal trial before witnesses can give their evidence.


A complete list of items that are classified according to a particular scope.
An inventory of species of insects that communicate using vibrations.
An inventory of pending products; or an inventory of products in stock.