Judgment is the act or instance of judging. It is your opinion about something that you have or express after you thought about it.

British spelling: "judgement"


Timeshare is a method of real property ownership by which each of several co-owners has a right of exclusive possession for a certain length of time.

Sales force

All the employees of a company whose job is to sell products or services.
With so many new products, our company needs to have a strong sales force.

Memorandum of understanding

Memorandum of understanding, shortened as MOU, is a formal agreement between two or more parties which is usually not binding until a valid contract is drawn up and signed by the parties.

However, there are occasions when MOU may be binding especially if parties through their use of words show intention to be bound. MOU is commonly used by multinational companies. MOU is known as Letter of Intent in the US.


The term "coram" is normally used to indicate which judge is handling or handled a matter.
For example, “Coram: Adegbite J.” This indicates Justice Adegbite.

Internet banking

Internet banking is a banking option that allows people to carry out money transfers and other banking processes 24 hours a day.


A jury is sworn body of people, usually not lawyers, who are charged with the responsibility of listening to witnesses in a case and giving their decision on the basis of findings they make through the evidence submitted to them.

Ask someone out

It means to invite someone to go out on a date (on a romantic appointment).
Wait for the right moment to ask her out for coffee.


1. (Noun) A connection point at which parts of more than one items are joined.
2. (Adjective) Shared by two or more people. For example, a joint bank account.

Consensus ad idem

The term "consensus ad idem" is normally used in a contract to connote that parties to a contract are in agreement as to terms of their relationship.

Usage example:
It can be said that we are all at consensus ad idem in relation to how the road construction project is to be performed.

Coroner's inquest

It is an exercise by which a coroner conducts an investigation into the cause of death of any person. This is usually done where death occurs in a suspicious circumstance. It is a common practice to conduct coroner's inquest for persons who die in prisons.

cover for

To hide someone's wrongdoing from someone else, by lying for them.
If I go to the party tonight, will you cover for me? Just tell mom that we're studying for the exam.

Temporarily, doing the work in place that someone else usually does, because they are not there.
Joanna, will you cover for me for one hour, I gotta go to the kid's school.


Infraction is a minor violation of law for which the only penalty is a fine.

Modus operandi

The Latin term "Modus operandi" means method of doing things. It may be used to describe the pattern of operation of a group of people or organisation.

Usage example:
An examination of the time and level of destruction left behind as a result of the weekend attack on the shopping complex portrays the modus operandi of the most dreaded terrorist organisation in the city.


Detinue is a civil wrong where a person detains another person's goods or personal property for no just cause, even when the owner has formally requested for it to be returned. This is also known as unlawful detention.

Arbitral award

Like a judgment given in a court matter, an arbitral award is a decision made by an arbitrator in respect of a matter which has been submitted for arbitration. An arbitral award that is properly made is binding on the parties affected by it.

It's raining cats and dogs

It's a real turd floater. Heavy rain causes the turds of various animals to float out of your yard.
Last night was a real turd floater, we can't barbecue in the backyard today.