KBB is an acronym for Kelley Blue Book which is a company values used vehicles.
KBB value is given based on the vehicle's condition and similar prices of your car in your location.

Vehicle conditions are divided into four grades. Excellent, Very Good, Good and Fair. Follow the link to get your KBB value for your car.

Ex. I bought the car for $2,000 cheaper than its KBB.


Les Kelley started Kelley Kar Company in Los Angeles with three Model T Fords. In 1926, Kelley published the company’s first Blue Book which became a standard guide in automotive trade in determining car value.

By the 1960s, the company moved from a car dealership to a specialty publisher and focused on the production of its automobile price guide. This was the first publication to use mileage to determine a car's value.

KBB.com was launched in 1995 and within two years became one of the most visited automotive sites. In December 2010, Kelley Blue Book was purchased by Autotrader.com (Cox Automotive).

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