Felony is a major crime that can be punished more than one year in prison. A person who has committed a felony is called a "felon". Usually, countries have a discrimination for serious crimes and less serious crimes. As in many states in the United States, where the felony/misdemeanor distinction is exist, it is classified as a misdemeanor if the punishment is less than one year.

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A list of crimes that can be classified as a felony
A major crime, the penalty of which is usually a stiff fine and/or imprisonment in a state penitentiary. Felonies are divided into several degrees that are classified according to the relative seriousness.

An example classification from the State of Pennsylvania:
1. Murder of the first degree. (Mandatory death or life imprisonment)
2. Murder of the second degree. (Mandatory life imprisonment)
3. Felony of the first degree. (20 years - $25,000)
4. Felony of the second degree. (10 years - $25,000)
5. Felony of the third degree. (7 years - $15,000)
6. Misdemeanor of the first degree. (5 years - $10,000)
7. Misdemeanor of the second degree. (2 years - $5,000)
8. Misdemeanor of the third degree. (1 year - $2,000)

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