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1. An official request (usually in written) for employment, admission to a school, etc.. The person who applied for it, called as "applicant".

2. The act of putting something into operation: e.g. the process of applying some medicine to the skin.

3. Computer programs in operating systems are also called as application.

Each programs in Windows, Macintosh or any other operating system are called as "application". The word "application" is used since each program has a specific application for the user for a particular purpose.

Especially Macintosh use the "application" word for its programs and they use ".app" extension, while Windows uses ".exe" (executable file).
Parties or their lawyers may have to make requests to a court at any stage of their case. These requests are technically called applications. Application may be oral or written.

Most applications of serious implication are to be made in writing e.g. application to amend a court process.
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