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Amazon is the world's largest online retailer which launched in 1995 and is located in Seattle, Washington. Founded by Jeff Bezos, the company is named after the Amazon River.

It started as a book seller, then has expanded to sell a wide variety of products as well as its own electronic devices, such as Kindle Fire tablet. They also have a cloud computing platform named AWS (Amazon Web Services).

How did Amazon get its name?

Jeff Bezos selected the name Amazon because Amazon River was one of the largest rivers in the world, to reflect his plan for the company's size.

The Amazon is one of the two longest rivers in the world. (Generally the Nile is regarded as the longest river) Amazon is the largest one by discharge volume of water in the world. The Amazon River is 4,000 miles long, begins at Andes Mountains, in Peru and flows east into the Atlantic Ocean.

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