No-go zone

A place that is not appropriate to go (now).
Honey, the toilet is officially a no-go zone right now.


In slang, "Joint" means a rolled cigarette that contains marijuana.


In slang, "yelp" is a verb that stands for writing a review at, based on individual experiences about restaurants, nightlife, local businesses, etc.
Oh, my God! It was the best waffle I have ever had, I am gonna yelp this.

"Yelp" can also mean complaining or whimpering about something.
Are you going to keep yelping about how everyone is selfish?
Democrats keep yelping about it to cover for using the government for their own political gain. --The Daily Caller


The term "furry" is used to describe people who like to dress up in animal costumes. Furries pretend to be anthropomorphic animals with human characteristics, more likely as a cartoon version of animals rather than a real animal. This enthusiasm and the community is referred to as "furry fandom". Around quarter of a million people in the US identify themselves as “furries”.

Sexual attraction?

The community holds different views about sexual attraction to furry characters.
In one survey with 4300 furry respondents, 37% answered that sexual attraction is important in their furry activities, 38% were ambivalent, and 24% answered that it has little or nothing to do with their furry activities. --Wikipedia
Eurofurence furries gathering in Berlin in August 2016.

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good luck

An ironic phrase that people use when they're implying that someone is not likely to succeed.

A: I'm just here to pick up a hot girl.
B: "Well, good luck to you!" (or good luck with that)
(Implying that he can't succeed it.)

apple picking

Apple picking is the name of a theft or the act which occurs when a thief picks an Apple product from the hands of the owner and steals the device.

If the owner is using device at the time of the theft, the thief has access to all their emails, photos, and contracts. The thief can even change the password.

Going cold turkey

Going cold turkey in early drug slang referred to suddenly and totally stopping drugs. The term is now used in general slang with the broader meaning of stopping any habit or practice suddenly.

Allegedly, the term "cold turkey" comes from the comparison of a cold turkey that has been refrigerated and the state of a withdrawing addict, the cold sweats and gooseflesh.

Example sentence:
Doctor says that you can't just go cold turkey in your situation. We have to move gradually.