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A prospectus is a detailed document produced by educational institutions such as a college, school, or by a commercial enterprise, which advertises or gives details about it, for the purpose of attracting or informing clients, prospective buyers, or investors.


Insurance is a contract by which a company or government agency (insurer) agrees to pay a certain amount to a person (insured) in the event of a loss specified in a written policy of insurance, such as property, life, or health.


Incorporate means to include something within something else, as part of a whole, for example, by making one document part of another document by declaring the former to be incorporated in the latter.


Embezzlement is the crime of taking property which is belong to another person. For example, a financial adviser might embezzle the funds of investors.


Debt is a fixed obligation to pay money, goods or services to another at present or at a certain time in the future.
His mortgage debt was $50,000.


Edict is an official order issued by authority. Since it is derived from the Latin term "edictum" and having a close relationship with the word "dictation", the term may be referring to an unfair order depending on the context.


1. The act of terminating an employee from a job (involuntary discharge).
Robert has been discharged from his job because of disciplinary infractions.

2. The act of asking or allowing officially someone to leave a place, such as a job, prison, army, or hospital.
Alison is healing, will be discharged on Monday from the hospital.

3. To come out from inside a place, for example, a liquid matter that comes from a part of the body.


1. To express complete disapproval of something.
Politicians condemned the latest violence.

2. To pronounce sentence, especially a death sentence, upon a criminal defendant.
He was condemned to death.

3. To declare inconvenience for habitation.
Authorities condemn this building, because they officially decided that it is not safe.

4. To take private property for public use under the power of eminent domain by the federal or local government.


Piracy may mean a crime of robbing a ship at sea or a crime of copying films, music, computer software and other similar electronic materials for commercial purpose without the authorization of the owner of such works.


Literally, "at the side", "additionally", or "auxiliary." Often used to mean collateral security for repayment of a loan, to be forfeited in the event of a default.


1. (Adjective) Belonging or relating to a foreign country.
Unites States accepts immigrants from alien cultures every year.

2. (Noun) A person who is not a citizen of the country where he or she is living; a foreigner.
They hired an alien as a baby sitter.


Affidavit is a written statement or declaration, sworn to before an officer who has authority to administer an oath (usually a notary public). An affidavit can be used as evidence in a court of law.

An example of an affidavit form:


Someone who owes a debt. Legally, one who may be compelled to pay a claim or demand.
Debtors usually receive a text reminding them that a payment is due.


Contract is an agreement to do or not to do something or certain things. It can be oral or written.
He still has one year left on his contract.


Consent is agreement to do something or giving permission for something to happen, approval, or assent.
Doctors explained procedure to the patient and obtained written informed consent for surgery.


Courtesy is politeness and respectful behaviors toward others.
You should call him, at least as a courtesy.
Obama paid a courtesy visit to Kenya.

No-go zone

A "no-go zone" (or "no-go area") is an area that has notoriety for violence and crime which can be dangerous for people to go there, barricaded off to civil (such as police) or military authorities usually by a paramilitary organization.


Judgment is the act or instance of judging. It is your opinion about something that you have or express after you thought about it.

British spelling: "judgement"


1. (Noun) A connection point at which parts of more than one items are joined.
2. (Adjective) Shared by two or more people. For example, a joint bank account.


A complete list of items that are classified according to a particular scope.
An inventory of species of insects that communicate using vibrations.
An inventory of pending products; or an inventory of products in stock.
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