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An alias is a name that something is known by, rather than the actual name of the thing itself.
The police officers arrested a drug suspect, 34 years old, alias "Barbie".


1. The specific directions to find someone or an organization.
What is your business address?

2. To call someone by title or name.
In court, judges are addressed as 'Your Honour'.
How do you address a female teacher? - Miss or Ma'am?

3. A formal speech.
The graduation address was boring.


1. To imagine that something is true, sometimes wrongly.
I assumed that you were home because of the light being on upstairs.

2. To take on, for instance, to take on the liability for a debt.
Russia assumed all the debts left by the Soviet Union.


An asset is something that is valuable or useful. It can be a physical thing, for example, property, money, houses, cars, etc. but it can also be things that you cannot touch, such as a good reputation, patience or being able to speak a foreign language.
The total assets of the company are 1.2 billion dollars.
A company's assets can consist of cash, accounts receivable, investments, inventory, land, buildings, or registered trademarks.
Her best asset is her smile.


Assembly is a group of people gathered together regularly in one place for a common purpose. Assembly also may refer to the action of gathering people together as a group for a common purpose, for example, a school assembly.


1. The act of selecting a person for a job.
The company announced today the appointment of Henry Webb as marketing director.

2. An arrangement to meet someone at a particular time and place.
I have an appointment with the doctor today at 2:30pm.


1. The word "appoint" means to officially choose somebody for a job or position of responsibility.
Mr. Preston has been appointed as executive director.

2. To determine a time or place for something to happen.
You must be present in court at the appointed time.

3. To equip with elegant furnishings or useful features.
The hotel we stayed was very well appointed.


1. An amount of money that is given to somebody regularly.
Her parents give her a weekly allowance of $200.

2. An amount of something that is allowed.
The total baggage allowance for each passenger is 15kgs.


Allocate means to give or portion something officially to somebody for a particular purpose.
The government allocated very small budget for research.
He should allocate extra time to study math.


1. (Verb) Advocate means to publicly support a particular idea, cause, or policy.
He has advocated for civil liberties and human rights for more than five years.

2. (Noun) A person who publicly supports or recommends a particular cause or policy.
He was an advocate of human rights.


1. The verb "admit" means to agree that something is true. It is especially used when people confess that they have done something wrong.
He admitted that he stole the watch.

2. It also means to allow someone to enter a place.
Persons under 18 are not admitted to the club.


The people who plan, manage, organize and run a business, an institution, etc.
Obama was administrator of the U.S. between the years 2009 and 2017.


The verb "acquire" means to get or obtain something.
Google acquired Android Inc. in 2005 for an undisclosed price which has been estimated at $50 million.


1. To admit or accept that something is true.
Jane acknowledged her mistake that she made earlier.

2. To confirm a fact.
Please acknowledge receipt of this e-mail.

3. To recognize the existence of something.
Serbia does not acknowledge the independence of Kosovo.


A dictionary is an alphabetically ordered reference book, or an online resource, which provides definitions of words, or translations in another language.


1. Refers to something assigned to you, for instance, a right.
You have right to remain silence when you arrested which is vested in you by the Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

2. Having a vest, for instance, a vested suit.


To believe in someone, or to believe something is true.
Jennifer doesn't trust a thing Robert says.


Subdivision means a secondary or subordinate part of something.
Days are a subdivision of the week.


Slander is an untrue oral statement which injures another's reputation.
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