#phrasal verbs

Watch over

The phrase "watch over" means to protect by keeping your eyes on someone or something.
A mother dog watches over her puppies.

Switch on

Putting something electrical or electronic into operation. In other words, it means to turn on something, however, the term "switch on" is normally used for something that has an on/off switch (or on/off button) can be "switched on/off".
Switch the light on, please.
Switch on

Break down

1. A failure to function for something mechanical, electrical, or electronic.
The car broke down, I will be late for the meeting.

2. Being emotionally upset.
The girl broke down when she got the exam results.

3. To divide into parts.
It's affordable if you break it down into monthly payments.

to be up to

1. To do.
What are you up to on Sunday? (What are you doing on Sunday?)

2. Implies mischievous behavior.
What are the kids up to? They're hiding something.

3. To decide.
It's up to you (it's your decision).

See, also up to.

Ask someone out

It means to invite someone to go out on a date (on a romantic appointment).
Wait for the right moment to ask her out for coffee.