The copy of files stored somewhere other than the original location such as external hard disk, flash disk, compact disk, etc.


Backslash is a backward-sloping slash used to separate directories in operating systems. C:\windows\users\...
The "\" character is called a backslash and the "/" character is called a forward slash or just "slash" (most commonly).
It is also used in some programming languages to declare the following character must be treated in a different way. String str="example \[title\]"

In Internet, URLs are separated with a "/" (slash) sign. People sometimes use the "forward slash" term instead of slash to avoid confusion.

You can also print a backslash on the screen without pressing backslash key. Every keyboard character has an ASCII code and it is "92" for backslash character. Press and hold the "Alt" key and then press "9" and "2" respectively. (Alt + 92)

:: Origin ::
First time, "\" sign was used by Bob Bemer in 1961 to represent some Boolean operators in the ALGOL language (an early programming language used for scientific calculations). He used it in ASCII and then it became a standard key in keyboards.


Each programs in Windows, Macintosh or any other operating system are called as "application". The word "application" is used since each program has a specific application for the user for a particular purpose.

Especially Macintosh use the "application" word for its programs and they use ".app" extension, while Windows uses ".exe" (executable file).


In computing, an abbreviation for "Accelerated Graphics Port". A video graphics technology providing a high speed connection to the computing system. It was developed primarily to accelerate computing of 3D graphics.

It was widely used in mainboards between the years 2004-2009. The PCI Express slots have been preferred instead of AGP since 2009.


App is an abbreviation for the word "application". An application is a software program that can be used on your computer, phone or any digital device but the word "app" is most commonly used for mobile applications.


Hacking is an unauthorized access into a network system for the purpose of alter system features to achieve a goal, usually with malicious intent (black hat). The attacker referred to as a hacker.

Breaking into a network system to test their security is known as "white hat" hacking, and performing illegal activities are known as "black hat" hacking.


To edit the code of a program, or put code over other code.
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