An adjective that refers to something covered with fur. For instance, a furry animal.


The term "Fraud" refers to an intentional false representation including concealment of material fact, which is used to induce another person to act, which act causes a loss of money or legal rights.

Also, a person who pretends to be someone who is not, is called fraud. For instance, someone who is pretending to be a doctor.


Fraud is the crime of taking one's right, money or property by deceiving victims with an intentional perversion of truth.

Most common types of fraud include credit card fraud, insurance fraud, online sales of fake products, check fraud, charity fraud, identity fraud, and online banking fraud.


A fiduciary is a person or an organization that acts in a relationship or position of trust regarding financial transactions. For instance, agents, trustees, and attorneys.

When it is used as adjective, refers to something relating to the responsibility to take care of someone else's money or assets. For example, a fiduciary duty, fiduciary estates, a fiduciary relationship, etc.


Homestead is a house with its surrounding area of land and outbuildings, typically a farmhouse. In the past, the US government used to provide land for people, for farming purpose.


  • Self-sufficient one-acre homestead illustration from


Facade is the mask we put on in order to give others a false impression.
He has a graceful heart behind his facade of rudeness.


"Facade" refers to the principal face of a building, but it can be used more generally to reference any side of a building facing a street or open space. The word "facade" is derived from the French word "façade", meaning front.

A facade is also something's appearance that is presented to others, especially which gives you a deceptive impressions such as a facade of a happy marriage, or facade of wealth.
They are trying to keep a facade of a happy marriage for their child.


Escrow is an agreement concept between two person in which money or property is held by a third person or organization until a particular condition is fulfilled.

:: Origin ::
The word is derived from the Old French word "escroue", meaning a scrap of paper.


The quality of being fair and impartial; equal treatment; fairness.
Equity of treatment is an obligation here.


Something that has existence; being.
Although there are two campus in different locations, the university they are part of is a single entity.


Declaring your support or approval for something or someone, publicly.
Hillary Clinton endorsed by 243 different daily newspapers while only 20 endorsed Trump in the elections.


A business or organization carrying out a particular service on behalf of other businesses.


Saying the opposite of what you mean is "irony". The situations where there is a wide difference between reality and expectations are also called "irony". For example, if you are saying "good luck with that" and expecting he is not likely to succeed, it's an irony.

It’s ironic that life helps you get what you need, rather than what you think you want.


Satire is the way of using humor, irony, or exaggeration to criticize people's stupidity. Satire is also a genre of literature.

A caricature example that uses satire:


  • A cartoon by Mike Luckovich from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

good luck

"Good luck" is a phrase used to wish someone success or wish fortune on someone.
Good luck in your final exam!

:: Similar Terms ::
best of luck

Watery eyes

Eyes containing or filled with tears.
She dabbed her watery eyes with a piece of tissue.
Watery eyes

Sales force

All the employees of a company whose job is to sell products or services.

With so many new products, our company needs to have a strong sales force.

Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify, understand and manage your own emotions or the emotions of others.

Emotional intelligence is a wide selection of skills that children should develop.

point of view

A particular perspective or way of judging a situation based on a particular aspect.

From a scientific point of view, the invention is extremely important.
From my point of view, the house is too small.
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