A Turkish alcoholic drink flavored with aniseed. It is usually mixed with water before drinking. In Turkish slang, it is called lion milk.

Raki is drinked with appetizers called “meze”, and locals say the best meze for Raki is conversation… That is to say you need at least one person to sit at a raki table.

It's raining cats and dogs

It's a real turd floater. Heavy rain causes the turds of various animals to float out of your yard.
Last night was a real turd floater, we can't barbecue in the backyard today.
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Mum's the word

The expression "mum's the word" is used to say that you have promised not to tell anyone someone's secret.

For example, if you are passing a secret along, you can use this expression:
A: We're having a surprise birthday party for Tyler on Saturday.
B: Awesome.
A: Mum's the word, okay?
B: Got it.

The "mum" in this phrase isn't mother. It's a Middle English word meaning "silent".

It's raining cats and dogs

The expression means that it's raining very heavily. It's an interesting old English phrase that no one knows the origin of it.

When it is raining very heavily, we may also use the following idiomatic expressions:
• It's pouring down
• It's pouring from the heavens
• It's bucketing down
• It's flooding down
• It's pissing down
• It's peeing down very colloquial
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At the drop of a hat

To do something at the drop of a hat means to do it instantly, without any delay.
If you need any help, just phone me. I'll be there at the drop of a hat.

The idiom may have come from the American Old West; in the 19th century it was occasionally the practice to signal the start of a fight or a race by dropping a hat or sweeping it downward while holding it in the hand.

Watch over

The phrase "watch over" means to protect by keeping your eyes on someone or something.
A mother dog watches over her puppies.

Switch on

Putting something electrical or electronic into operation. In other words, it means to turn on something, however, the term "switch on" is normally used for something that has an on/off switch (or on/off button) can be "switched on/off".
Switch the light on, please.
Switch on

Fall for

Fall for someone means to be really attracted to a person.
He was her first boyfriend and she fell for him hard.

Fall for

Fall for something means to believe something untrue that someone tells you. Usually when you fall for something that someone tells you, it implies that you are a gullible/naive (easily deceived) person.

Break down

In chemistry, breakdown means a chemical decomposition. In other words, it is the separation of a single chemical compound into its elemental parts or to simpler compounds. Chemical breakdown is usually defined as the exact opposite of chemical synthesis.

Break down

1. A failure to function for something mechanical, electrical, or electronic.
The car broke down, I will be late for the meeting.

2. Being emotionally upset.
The girl broke down when she got the exam results.

3. To divide into parts.
It's affordable if you break it down into monthly payments.

up to

1. As far as a specified level.
She was up to his knees in water.

2. A limit or boundary.
We teach English up to intermediate level in this class.
I can make up to 1,000 copies a day.
You should not study up to the last minute before an exam.

See, also to be up to.

to be up to

1. To do.
What are you up to on Sunday? (What are you doing on Sunday?)

2. Implies mischievous behavior.
What are the kids up to? They're hiding something.

3. To decide.
It's up to you (it's your decision).

See, also up to.


AMD stands for “Advanced Micro Devices". This is a computer company that was founded in 1969 that makes computer parts. AMD is an international company based in Santa Clara, California and is one of the largest computer parts manufacturers. AMD's main products include microprocessors, motherboards, and graphic cards.

Alt Gr key

Alt Gr key (Alt Graph) is used to type alternative characters such as currency symbols and accented letters. For example, AltGr + C = ©. On a Macintosh, the Option key has functions similar to the Alt Gr key.

The Alt Gr key is most commonly used in combination with another key. You hold down Alt Gr and press another key. For example, in Windows, if you hold down the Alt Gr key and while still holding the Alt Gr key down, you then press the "Q" key, you can get the "@" sign on your computer screen.
Alt Gr key

See, also Alt key.

Alt key

In keyboards, Alt is short for Alternative. It refers to a specific key that is present on many keyboards, one which has the letters “Alt” on it. The Alt key is most commonly used in combination with another key. You hold down Alt and press another key. On a Macintosh, the equivalent of Alt is called the Option key.

For example, in Windows, if you hold down the Alt key and while still holding the Alt key down, you then press the Tab key one or more times, you can rotate through various windows on your computer screen.
Alt key
There is another key similar to the Alt key; Alt Gr key (Alt Graph) is used to type alternative characters such as currency symbols and accented letters. For example, AltGr + C = ©.

Alpha test

Alpha testing is a form of testing done while creating a software program. It is often the first form of testing done, hence the name “alpha”. Alpha is the first letter of the Greek alphabet and is often used to describe things that come first in an ordered system (alpha, beta, gamma, delta, ....omega).

Alpha test is the first phase of software testing. The second one, beta test is carried out by end users and the alpha test is carried out by testers or software developers.


An alias is a name that something is known by, rather than the actual name of the thing itself.
The police officers arrested a drug suspect, 34 years old, alias "Barbie".